Enabling physical space to be economically optimized for livability, efficiency and resiliency.

The data and analytics we’ve built provide unequaled insight into US cities, counties, states and the physical space and services delivered therein.

financial services

Wealth managers, investors and market analysts use Level 11 analytics to gain unequaled geospatial insight into the issuers of securities, real estate portfolios and demographic drivers and predictors of the populations their value derives from



From federal to local, and across the revenue streams they garner and the costs of services they provide, Level 11 insight enables government entities to identify opportunities for efficiency gains and plan, communicate and invest with confidence

real estate

Real estate and property analysis requires a rich and nuanced understanding of both existing property, the infrastructure it resides in, and the population that live, work or move through the area. We provide Level 11 visibility into real estate performance and risk factors


Healthcare represents 18% of US GDP. The efficiency and economic viability of this system and its participants requires Level 11 merging of demographic and health-related data of the population with where and how services are delivered and accessed by that population 

Healthcare use case


how stretched will state-level hospital systems be by covid-19?

Level 11 has complete catchment area analysis for hospitals in the U.S., including health conditions and demographics of the proximate populations to every hospital, and at incremental drive-time distances out to 90 minutes. We used that to look at likely COVID-19 hospital stress by state.


Vertical axes are counts of hospitals. Horizontal axes are a comorbidity index of population age and COVID-vulnerability health traits that fall out of principal component analysis, where a more positive number is worse.

Green is good, red is bad. The states colored in increasingly intense red have the highest proportions of hospitals with highest risk populations in their catchment areas.


Many of the states and hospitals that might be in worst position have barely started their COVID-19 journey

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